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About Elephknot

Elephknot is a simple and clear reminder website to help you stay on top of important events in your life. Create an account, enter the dates of important milestones like birthdays and anniversaries in Elephknot and we will send you gentle reminders before the events occur. Never forget another birthday or anniversary again!

With Elephknot you won't get bogged down in some complicated, hard-to-configure calendaring software, and you'll never have to worry about setting a birthday reminder in your calendar at work only to miss seeing it on a weekend or getting it mixed up with your Monday morning meeting. Elephknot is simple to use and easily accessible from anywhere. Need to add in someone's birthday? Use you computer at home or at work, log in using your smartphone, or borrow your friend's iPad. Reminders arrive in your email's inbox - it's simple, convenient and straightforward.

The number of reminders to be sent for each milestone is configurable. Request reminders starting two weeks, one week or one day before the event. Show the special people in your life that you care enough to plan ahead and sign up today. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and add all of your reminders.

Concerned about your privacy? As Internet users ourselves we understand completely. Please consult our privacy policy for a clear explanation of how we protect your privacy.

About the Elephknot Team

Elephknot was created, and is lovingly tended to, by Ragged Coast Software. We have a passion for creating innovative, high quality, and useful yet easy-to-use web-based software. We built Elephknot for ourselves as well as for the rest of the wired world, we like it and hope you do too.